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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My iPod Downloads review

My iPod Downloads review Program name: My iPod Downloads
Overall rating: 5+/5
Usability: Very easy to use
Main focus: Music downloads for iPod and other media players
Number of accessible files: over 95 Million
Membership period: Lifetime Membership
Price: $39,95
Additional fees: None

My iPod Downloads is the current market leader with a very spectacular service and of course our No.1. choice as well. This is simply a must have for any iPod user. Not only do they have the largest selection of MP3-files accessible anywhere online, but My iPod Downloads has an excellent amount of DVD-quality movies for your iPod in MP4 format as well. Not to mention the huge number of TV-shows and TV-series. The movies we downloaded to test this site were all of outstanding quality, in most cases the very same quality as the DVD itself. We also tried to download non-MP4 format movies to check whether they are easily convertibles, and guess what - they all are. We were able all of them easily with the supplied movie converter software.

Besides the huge selection of downloadable files, My iPod Downloads also provides a very user friendly and fool-proof customer support. If you are new to this iPod business, you are provided with a quick-start guide and easily understandable step-by-step video tutorials are also there to help you. You can get the most of your membership using the tools and utilities that are also provided free. Best of all, My iPod Downloads is not a one-time service: the site - with all the tutorials, softwares and extras - is updated regularly, so once you choose lifetime membership, your computer will always be equipped with the latest tools available to make your iPod-life as brilliant as possible. So if you are really interested in boosting your iPod and having much more fun with it than ever before, just follow our link and join MyiPodownloads.com now!

MyiPodownloads Features:
  • P2P file-sharing site
  • Over 95 million MP3's and movies for your iPod online
  • Over 750,000 users sharing files around the world
  • Download MP3's, WAV's, live concerts, music videos, movies, TV shows and software for your iPod
  • P2P file sharing is optional
  • No spyware or adware
  • Download CD and DVD covers
  • Advanced simultaneous downloading from multiple sources so that files are downloaded at a very high speed
  • Option to download part of a file now and resume the downloading of that file later
  • One-off fee! No recurring billing!
  • 100% iPod/MP3 player compatible
  • Full money-back guarantee!


      Good News! We haven't fount or heard of any cons regarding this program yet. This site is the far best download site in our experience. If you have any negative experiences, please let us know in a comment ASAP!

FREE Bonuses with MyiPodownloads (Limited Offers):

  • FREE movie converter software - convert your personal DVD's or your downloaded movies into MP4 iPod compatible format easily without complex frustrating software!
  • FREE step-by-step video with audio instructional tutorials to get you started immediately!
  • FREE Spyware removal tool
  • FREE Source Upgrade Package, giving you additional P2P download managers to increase your chances of finding the songs you want.
  • FREE upgrades when available - the members' area is regularly updated with the latest software, tools and manuals: only available for the duration of your membership.

Zune Reactor review

Zune Reactor review Program name: Zune Reactor
Overall rating: 5/5
Usability: Easy to use
Main focus: Music downloads for Zune
Number of accessible files: Over 10 Billion
Membership period: 1 year
Price: $29,46
Additional fees: None

Click here to check out Zune Reactor!

Zune Reactor is a sevice that allows you to download millions of music files, movies and Tv Shows to your Zune Player but is Zune Reactor any good?

First things first, let's say, that Zune Reactor - amogst the so many other illegal download sites - is completely legal. You know, you have to be careful with legal issues regarding downoading stuff - if you find other ways than the official Zune Marketplace - since downloading and having illegal, copyrighted stuff on your computer is a nice and frequent target of authorities nowadays, especially when you use your office computer to download them.

Well, we've bought our access to Zune Reactor and we have to say that we are very much pleased with what we've found.
One of its main advantages compared to other download sites - specialized to Zune downloads - is obviously speed. Zune Reactor rockets through files, downloads, and enables you to download all you want in much less time than any other competitor does!

Another nice feature with Zune Reactor is the amount of accessible files it has. The good news is that I have not searched for anything on Zune Reactor that I could not find! I bet your fantasy is richer than mine, so you'll be able to figure out things that you look for and don't find, but I'm pretty sure, that they have everything that you are not only searching for, but actually want to download. To keep it short: the library is more than massive.

If you have a Zune player and are looking for a good reliable and legal service you can not do better then Zune Reactor.

Zune Reactor Features:

  • No Downloading Limits
  • Fastest Servers & Databases
  • Highest quality Zune downloads
  • Safe and Secure - No Adware or Spyware
  • New content added daily
  • Simple to Setup and Easy to use
  • 99.99% Up-Time Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support Team
  • 3 minute automatic setup

Free Bonus with Zune Reactor:
Zune Video Converter PRO  (a $40 Value)   Free!

Click here to Download Zune Reactor!

Unlimited Download Center review

unlimited download center review Program name: Unlimited Download Center
Overall rating: 4/5
Usability: Easy to use
Main focus: Movie download, music download
Number of accessible files: 15 Billion
Membership period: Lifetime
Price: $34,95

Click here to check out Unlimited Download Center!

Unlimited Download Center is one of the best sources we have found for movie downloads. The only reason it only comes in the #3 position in our review is that it is not specifically focused on music and mp3 files. But otherwise this service is as perfect as possible. Because not only do you get unlimited movie downloads you also get music. Both the music and movie downloads are from a huge list of selections, so you'll have a pretty good time discovering what you have inside.

Unlimited Download Center is also a very-very fast and easy-to-use site. The site makes it very easy to find any movie or song fast. It is quick and easy to find all of the your favorite movies and songs. Once you've download you choice or choices you can quickly begin to play you movie or song.

Another Pro for Unlimited Download Center is that they have a free 24-hour technical support team on standby just in case you have any questions or difficulties. To be honest their technical support beats any other site's in this market. You only pay once, there is no per song download fee, so you can download as many as you wish in the best MP3 format.

Most of the other sites that offer similar memberships don't have this size database for selection, so we were absolutely satisfied with (or let's just say - amuzed by) this site over most of the other ones that we have tried - and we have tried quite many of them. For movie downloads we give this site a perfect 10 score, and even for music downloads we are yet to find any cons against this service.

Furthermore, Unlimited Download Center gives you all the information you need to know before singing up along with a full demo to see how the site can work for you, and how you can get the most out of your membership. They only charge a one-time membership fee, which is very cheep for what you are getting. You can even make that money back after creating two or three cds or DVD movies.

We have seen many sites that are competitive among each other but this one clearly stands out from the rest. You can easily double your movie - or even your music - database in just a couple of days, no matter how huge that is right now. If you are looking for the best quality music and movie downloads you may want to check this site out and see for yourself.

Click here to join Unlimited Download Center!
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